#007 in #Cyprus to Tackle Minefields

Photo Credit: UNFICYP
#DanielCraig is employing his celebrity as James Bond to highlight de-mining efforts that are ongoing on that island state for the last four decades and as reunification talks under UN mandate continue. Craig noted the presence of Cambodian de-miners, who had earned their experience in confronting the terrible scourge of landmines that has infested their country.    “Witnessing the potential impact that mines can have on people and communities, years after the end of conflict, brings home the humanitarian importance of the UN’s de-mining efforts in Cyprus. For these peacekeepers to take their expertise, gleaned over the last forty years in Cambodia, and make it available to the people of Cyprus, half-way around the world, is truly inspiring.” (Similarly, after years of de-mining efforts in Bosnia & Herzegovina, many Bosnians are now also working with the UN from Afghanistan to Cyprus. — See: “Can Bosnia’s Army Save the World?“)


De-mining is not occurring in a vacuum, but also helps further efforts to a final diplomatic resolution and reintegration of Cyprus. According to the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative Ms. Lisa Buttenheim: “The fact that the UN Global Advocate chose to come to Cyprus for his first mission, at a time when de-mining demonstrates positive momentum in the peace process, is significant. His visit draws attention to the UN’s long expressed goal of achieving a mine-free Cyprus for all.”  (See more “UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus.)


Daniel Craig, whose official title is United Nations Global Advocate for the Elimination of Mines and Explosive Hazards, offered: “I very much hope that I will be the first and last Global Advocate to see landmines on this beautiful island.” Over 27,000 landmines have been removed in Cyprus so far. (Also see: “Landmines Targeted by James Bond‘s Daniel Craig.”)
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