#Islamic Scholars Speak on Preserving the #Environment

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It is perhaps coincidence that the color of Islam is green, but thinking and behaving consistent with environmental concerns has now focused the attention of Islamic scholars. This follows recent prescriptions by the Vatican, under Pope Francis, as well as other Christian denominations and Jewish leaders. There is a rising tide, thankfully, from the religious communities around the globe. From Buddhists to Muslims, there is a realization and action more consistent with the reality of environmental and climate change threat to the earth, seas and air that we all share.  (See: “Plastic Trash Islands Twice the Size of Texas in Our Oceans.”)


A decade earlier, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey wrote an article for a Bosnian Muslim periodical challenging and reminding “Thinking Green.” Safet Catovic, a devout American-Muslim and forward leaning scholar on the environment and Islam has helped lead the evolution from mere concern to activism. Now a concrete set of goals/guidelines are being delivered by top Islamic scholars who just concluded their work in Istanbul. Perhaps organized religion has been tardy, even paralyzed by the rapid change in priorities brought about by environmental degradation and climate change. In the future and now though, it could be a common ground upon which to build coordinated action, from animal welfare to defending from exploitation that rapes the earth and denies future generations a future.  (See: “High Cost of Pollution in Lives & Money.”)


Below the “Islamic Declaration on the Environment” was promoted by the “Interfaith Partners on the Environment” – links below. The new guidelines include calls for: rapid phase-out of fossil fuels, a switch to 100% renewable energy, and increased support for vulnerable communities.  Perhaps though, the major achievement is not only on the environment but the ever greater coordination and cooperation between the religious communities which holds out broader hope on issues ranging from human rights and battling intolerance to tackling poverty and economic injustice.  (Read More on the Environmental Declaration –  “Inspiring , educating & mobilizing people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership.”)


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