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The End of the Western Black #Rhinoceros

By, Joclyn Corrigan

Anyone that cares about animal rights can tell you the extinction rates are too high. These people could also tell you that rhinoceroses are the target of unnecessary hunting, so…


Despair but Some Hope for Animals Among the Ruins

War exacts a devastating toll for all living creatures — civilians, families, and  children — but also the animals. Be it the deserted family pet or the feral dog, cat,…


From ” #SocialNetwork ” Jerk to Model for Social Responsibility Entrepreneur

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has had to first live down an unflattering film portrayal, (something akin to Steve Martin’s lead character in “The Jerk”), and then overcome investor skepticism regarding…


When Human Rights Abuses Masquerade as Culture: #FGM

From female genital mutilation to ingrained bias, the rationale often is culture, religion or even patriotism to deflect criticism.  However, if we were to accept such rationalizations human sacrifices would…

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#Islamic Scholars Speak on Preserving the #Environment

  It is perhaps coincidence that the color of Islam is green, but thinking and behaving consistent with environmental concerns has now focused the attention of Islamic scholars. This follows recent…


Robert #Redford at UN says #ClimateChange Will #Sting All!

In “Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid” he went out in a blaze of bullets.  Now, more than four decades later, since he joined Paul Newman to film one of…