Jazz for the Global Soul

Photo Credit: UNESCO/Herbie Hancock

Music is beyond just entertainment, but part of a culture shared from Africa to the Americas to Asia and Europe. It promotes a vision of what is possible when the globe treasures identity, artistic expression and culture and works in harmony toward mutual respect. Today is the International Jazz Day, April 30, which has been observed with special concerts in the globe’s cultural capitals including New York, Paris, Tokyo, and Istanbul over the last three years. Listen & Enjoy at UNESCO’s International Jazz Day Site.


Music has absorbed an ever greater significance, from education to a tool of diplomacy. Herbie Hancock has become a UN (UNESCO) Goodwill Ambassador complementing earlier recognition as Diplomat-Artist by the National Music Council, which has now for many years honored those who promote understanding and peace as well as music education. Read more about the American Eagle Awards and the sponsorship of the National Music Council.

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