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Forgotten #Children as World Ignores a Current #Genocide ?

Where is our humanity? From Susan Sacirbey

Who are these children who have a name and an identity that has also given them the UN label “the most persecuted people in the world” ? They are Myanmar…


Urgent S.O.S. : #ConnectRefugees

It’s 2016, and in the age of interconnectivity and mobile phones, refugees should not be relying on sending out an S.O.S.  via – “Message in a Bottle” as in the…


#Yazidis – Victims of #Genocide, Slavery, & Sexual Slavery

Yazidids  may be an ancient people, but they are modern-day victims of genocide and ISIL targets for hatred, slavery, and sexual slavery.  They are an Iraqi ethnic minority, primarily Kurds,…


World’s Biggest Losers – #Refugees or Europe?!

Border violence erupted yesterday at Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic) and Greece, near Eidomeni. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Spokesperson, Adrian Edwards, expressed grave concern.  According to today’s reports on…


Needs of #Refugee Children of the Central African Republic & Nigeria

A clarion call from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is out for immediate assistance for refugees in the Central African Republic and Nigeria. These victims…


#Refugees – Defying the Odds for Life

The decade of time is seamless. Those facing oppression, hunger, or threat to life and livelihood will defy the odds to provide  their families a better life, or just life….


#Refugees – Their Lives Matter to All

The life of a refugee matters to all of us as human beings and global citizens. It is ironic that these Syrian refugees traveling by raft from Turkey arrive on…


Colombia’s #Juanes & Latin America’s Diplomat-Artists

Music star Juanes represents the rising engagement of global artists with the United Nations and its many organizations and agencies, including UNICEF and UNHCR.  Initially, the engagement was limited in…


Why Girl’s Education Matters?

 Education creates opportunity but also the choice for global citizens to access their rights, from political to economic to social.  For this reason, it is in particularly critical for girls…


Smuggled Rohingya Found Dead in Thai Trafficking Camp

The plight and destiny for the Muslim Rohingya of Myanmar (Burma) has been the source of condemnation by human rights authorities.  Denied rights of citizenship, basic medical, educational, and economic…