Technological Dependency

Are you a dependent?

Let’s discuss something we are all too familiar with- technology. Social Networking, smartphones and devices, etc- as we, society, progress technologically, our dependency increases. In regards to technological dependency, Generation Y takes it to a whole new level.

As a member of said generation, I can attest to being heavily reliant on my phone and other smart devices.

There has been a time, or two, where I arrived late for work because I went back down the highway to get my phone. However, there has not been a time that I turned back when I forgot my license. Many of you, I’m sure, can relate. That says a lot about the present need to be constantly updated and involved.

This not only goes for Instagram and Twitter users, but for those who check their CNN app daily.

I sent out a survey to my peers regarding their technology use.



97% of my classmates owned a smartphone, out of which 83% were apple devices.

I wasn’t surprised to find that so many students had an iPhone, but at the same time, I was shocked that so few had  Android.

In addition, though smartphones are capable of doing almost everything a laptop can- I decided to look into what other devices they owned.

What really caught me off guard was that half of the people who took the survey still owned a desktop- Here I thought it was uncommon.




In regards to usage, I’m not sure what surprised me more, the fact that 25% of the people used their phones for only 3-6 hours out of the day or that 6% used it for only 1-3 hours.

Half of the people surveyed used their phones “all day err day” and for 2014, that, I would say, is an appropriate amount of time spent- at least for college students.

In the end, technological advances are beneficial and crucial in this day and age.

True, networks like twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat can prove to be a distraction. But, having a device that’s easily updated is beneficial to those that are hindered by subway delays on their way to work or to the journalist that happens to be in the right place at the right time with a device that can easily capture and publish a story.

Sure, some may see the “dependency” as a major disadvantage, but while “face to face” communication is at an all time low, communication itself is at an all time high. Business negotiations, deals, and propositions can be done across nations via Skype; Checks can be deposited via cellphone banking apps and you can send money via Snapchat.

Some of these methods are indeed questionable, but … progress…

Right? Right!


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