Undocumented and Educated

A more secure future for undocumented students is near.

Photo Credit: growingleaders.com

photo credit: growing leaders.com

photo credit: growing leaders.com

There are numerous disadvantages if a person is undocumented in the United States and many of these same people assume that they cannot attend college. But this all about to change as President Barak Obama has a new plan of action to aid America’s broken immigration system.

Although some colleges and/or universities have their own rules about accepting undocumented students it is not a national law. Now undocumented students will have the opportunity to apply for federal aid and are eligible for other types of financial aid.

It was often a common misconception that students could not enroll in college because of their illegal status when in fact they all can, but the chances of them finding a job and the money to pay for it was sparse. Aspiring college students were slammed by the harsh reality of working harder than most and having to pay out-of-state tuition.

Undocumented students have the disadvantage of having to work aggressively, to pay school as they enroll unlike many citizens who can pay small amounts over an extended period of time. Adriana Sanchez, a California State graduate and also an undocumented student paid her way through college with scholarships. She explained she did have to put her self out there and do more than the ordinary students but it was worth it.

Some of the undocumented population has the fear of making others aware that they are undocumented and the consequences they may have to face. This makes it difficult for them to find a jobs that will help them pay off for school. But with Obama’s new plan of action these people will be able to come out of hiding and take the right steps of attaining a job, paying taxes and getting citizenship.

America has pushed back on this issue for ongoing years. The reality of many undocumented immigrants is that they want to make a positive change in their lives but they haven’t been able to because the U.S has made it near impossible for them to better themselves. If we want a more educated America we should start off by helping the million undocumented immigrants that makes up the country, so they will no longer be considered a bother in the U.S rather law-abiding residents who contribute to the government and our society


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