#Refugees – Empathy & Action at Grassroots

Photo Credit: UN/Photo: Central American Refugees
In the past two weeks, our campaign “We’ve all been #Refugees, as Old as War & Natural Disaster, ” has garnered traction and feedback. In this series, we include  photos from Central American, Afghan, Western Saharan, and Rohingya refugees.  Once again, there is no barrier to this plight based on race, ethnicity, sex, or religion proving that we have All Been Refugees.
Western Sahara Refugees: UN Photo/Evan Schneider
Afghan Refugees: UN Photo/Luke Powell
Rohingya Refugees: deotix.com
Following is one example from a Bosnian refugee, Edina Skaljic and her friends in Boston that started a new initiative last week, “I Also Was a Refugee.” Horrified by what they were witnessing on the tragedy and treatment Syrian refugees are receiving in a lot of European countries, they took the call to action at the grassroots level  and did something.
They did this for a couple of different reasons:
1. By former refugees telling their stories to send a message of how and “this shall pass too” to current refugees.
2. Dismantle the idea and notion that refugees are burden to the society but rather incredible assets.
3. For non-refugees to send a message or support.
 (You can “like” them on Facebook and post your comments and experiences. )
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