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#Trump Travel Ban Stigmatizes American and Muslim?

By, Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey

While I’m not from any of the “banned” countries or feel particularly religious or only Muslim in my identity, Trump does seek to stigmatize anyone who may be identified as…


#Yazidis – Victims of #Genocide, Slavery, & Sexual Slavery

Yazidids  may be an ancient people, but they are modern-day victims of genocide and ISIL targets for hatred, slavery, and sexual slavery.  They are an Iraqi ethnic minority, primarily Kurds,…


World’s Biggest Losers – #Refugees or Europe?!

Border violence erupted yesterday at Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic) and Greece, near Eidomeni. UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Spokesperson, Adrian Edwards, expressed grave concern.  According to today’s reports on…

Global Conflict Is Affecting Our Children

Kids around the world are being denied an education and struggling to survive

Imagine a preschool class filled with 30 bright-eyed, innocent four-year olds who enjoy nothing more than playing with their classmates and friends. Now imagine that by the time those children…


Does this #Refugee Look like an Undesirable to be Sent Home?

The year of his birth was 1884, and at less than one year of age, John James Mates, my grandfather of Irish-Catholic heritage, sailed to America and into the Pennsylvania…


Day of Reckoning

The Convention on the Rights of the Child, adopted 26 years ago today – 20 November – marks Universal Children’s Day.  Perhaps this year more than any other we are…


#Refugees – Defying the Odds for Life

The decade of time is seamless. Those facing oppression, hunger, or threat to life and livelihood will defy the odds to provide  their families a better life, or just life….


#Refugees – Their Lives Matter to All

The life of a refugee matters to all of us as human beings and global citizens. It is ironic that these Syrian refugees traveling by raft from Turkey arrive on…


#Refugees – Empathy & Action at Grassroots

In the past two weeks, our campaign “We’ve all been #Refugees, as Old as War & Natural Disaster, ” has garnered traction and feedback. In this series, we include  photos…


Refugees — the Trail Continues of Lives Uprooted

The plight of refugees is the same, regardless of century,  race, ethnicity, sex, age, and color.  Whether driven by famine, war, natural disaster, or territorial relocations/upheavals, we share a collective…