Welcome to Mexico’s Historic Centro of an Annual Celebration

Photo Credit: Festival Centro Historico.org.mx

Tourists and lovers of fine arts and popular culture, mark your calendars for the 31st Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico on March 25 – April 12. Held in the capital Mexico City, this annual event has its heart in the The Zocalo, the main plaza of Mexico City which can hold 100,000 people. In the 16th Century, the ancient Aztec City Tenochtitlan was conquered by the Spaniards and became the seat of power for the Spanish Colony and the foundation for Mexico City.  The Historic Centro is a World Heritage Site which encompasses 668 blocks, 9,000 buildings, of which 1,550 are of historical, cultural, and architectural importance.  (See WikipediA: “Historic Center of Mexico City.”)



Fernando Estrada as Presidente del Patronato of the Festival del Centro Historico de Mexico  describes the cultural and economic significance for Mexico in numerous TV news interviews and this YouTube 2-minute video.  It is in Spanish but outlines the Grand Fiesta’s palette of popular music, opera, dance, concerts, ballet, the arts, and Latin American culture. The Festival del Centro is also a world music event featuring performers from Cuba, Turkey, Israel, Spain and other countries.


Last year, tourism worldwide experienced a record year. It is an important economic asset as well as a tool to enhance interaction, education, and cultural understanding between global citizens. (See: “Tourism Promotes Global Economy, Cultural Exchange, & Peace?”)


The Festival del Centro’s 2014 four-minute video needs no translation. Join the rhythm and dance to the latin horn beat along with other clown-faced revelers, families, and street performers as Mexico’s guest to its life cultural heritage.


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